The Louvre

The Whitney

The National Gallery, Smithsonian

The Uffizi

The Metropolitan
Museum of Art

Boston Museum
of Fine Arts
United States
The Fletcher Gallery
Woodstock, New York
Inter Art Galerie Reich
Cologne, Germany

Instructor: New York University; Cooper Union School of Art. First artist invited to lecture in The Cooper Union’s Great Hall since Abraham Lincoln.

Allentown Museum of American Art
Newark Museum
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts
Heldon Swope Museum
Hirshorn Museum
Lyman Allen Museum
New Britain Museum of American Art
Toledo Museum of Art
Ulrich Museum
Woodstock Artists Association Museum

Amherst College
Rhode Island School of Design
Smith College
Skidmore College
Presser Sales Show Exponential Rise
In both US and European Sales from 2002-2007

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