An Important Comment on the Value of Presser Works
by art curator and Presser biographer, Raymond Tubbs

…Presser was… never without a sketchbook in hand, whether it be on an American or European city street, in a neighborhood bar, in the barns of a stable, or a circus or a theater performance. These drawings… numbering well into the thousands, fall into two basic categories: one, in which the drawings form the foundation of all his serious work; the other, quickly produced sketches done in the city streets, or parks frequently of children that usually flocked around him, with no particular effort on his part.

This later group… continually undermined his market from early in his career to this day. Sold to the accompanying parent or subject for few dollars… they… [appear] consistently to undercut truly important work by the artist….

In the first group, however, these street sketches could be… [e]xtraordinary works on paper that were cutting-edge for their time, and testaments of his part in the world of American Abstract Expressionism.

Further information:
* Opening Oct. 4, 2008: Fletcher Gallery - Woodstock, NY
* Advance notice: 2009: Museum Ludwig - Cologne, Germany

Witches Cauldron,” mixed media, 38”x26” (casein on board), $18,500 (2007, Germany)
Charge d’Affaires,” oil, 46”x36” (re-sale from Washingon Irving Gallery, NYC), $26,000 (2001, Germany)

Circus Child,” mixed media, 32”x26”(casein on paper), $8,000 (2005, NY)
Walpurgis Night,” oil, 40”x32” $9,000 (2005, NY)

Sales Volume More than Doubles in Last Decade
Statistical Curve Indicates Continued Rise

NOTE: BIOGRAPHY: JOSEF PRESSER (see description on right)
is newly added to the Library of Congress listings: Catalog card # 2008401378
Presser’s monumental
work to be offered at Fletcher Gallery Show

Carnival at Binche” oil c. 1948-52 53”x48”


by Raymond Tubbs and
Frank Barrows.
158 pp., 51 color plates,1996,
Koln, hard and soft cover.
Soft cover available for $40.
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